The best way to keep a vacuum working is to get it cleaned & serviced and it will save you money and make that vacuum last longer. We service All make and models including carpet cleaners The Service fee is generally $49.95 for most Brand with a few exceptions Rainbow,Patriot,Kirby Witch are $79.95.

What is Done in a Service

When a vacuum comes in for cleaning we will clean your vacuum and and make it work like new

What is covered in a Cleaning

We will replace Vacuum belt but parts & Filters are generally extra

What Brands Do We Service ?

We Service All Brands of Vacuums & Carpet Cleaners

Do We Unclog Vacuums ?

Yes We Do unclogging a Vacuum is $17.50

Belt Install

We Install Vacuum Belts the charge is $12.50 plus the belt

If your not sure that your vacuum is worth fixing We Provide Free Estimates give us a call 209-575-3955.