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The compact air purifier for pure indoor air – for room sizes of 30 to 50 sqm. Novel 360° multi-layer ­filter system with long life HEPA filter technology and ­highest amount of specialized active carbon.

Maximum performance with a minimum size

The IDEAL AP40 PRO is small and compact – no bigger than a waste-paper basket – and yet it is extremely powerful. It guarantees the highest airflow rates and optimum cleaning performance.

There is something in the air. The sophisticated sensors in the IDEAL AP40 PRO detect, among other things, various fine dusts, right down to ultra-fine dusts, as well as pollen, volatile organic compounds and odors. In automatic mode, the unit automatically adjusts to the measured values.

Long-lasting 360° smart filter. Energy-efficient and extremely quiet-running motors, along with flow-optimized fans, guarantee extremely low energy consumption. Under normal air conditions, the filter only needs to be replaced approximately every 12 months – even if the unit is in continuous use. This saves costs and reduces maintenance work.

Control Panel

You can use the EASY-TOUCH control element to conveniently. select the functions on/Off, Auto, Level 1/2/3, Turbo, and Night mode. The three-color code displays the air quality.

Layer by layer to clean air

The IDEAL 360° smart filter permanently removes smaller and larger particles, such as gases and molecules, from your ambient air. This also includes respirable and ultra-fine particles (particles between 0.1 and 0.3 micrometers), which may cause illness. In waiting rooms and treatment rooms, the reliable filtration technology reduces the concentration. of pathogens in the ambient air – the AP40 PRO is approved for use in medical facilities. The HEPA fibres are made of polypropylene, which can metabolize germs and pathogens. For cleaner, hygienic ambient air. Layer by layer to clean air

99,99 %

As quiet as a whisper

IDEAL air purifiers operate extremely quiet.

There are different factors that can play a decisive role in the decision to purchase an indoor air purifier. In addition to the room size, filtration performance and airflow, the noise level produced by an air purifier is important. The IDEAL AP PRO models stand out here, with their market-leading quiet running mode. The position of the interior air purifier can affect how we perceive the sound level. It therefore matters, whether a device is used during a regular day in an (open plan) office or at night in a bedroom.

What makes our air purifier so quiet?
The perfect interaction of many individual components helps the IDEAL AP PRO air purifiers rank among the most powerful, but also the quietest air purification devices on the market. The flow-optimised air routing and highly efficient fan achieve a high air flow rate even at the lowest filtration levels. In their night mode, the IDEAL AP PRO models are extra quiet in the background – virtually inaudible.


With the intuitive app, you can control and monitor your air purifier using your smart phone. Available free of charge from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Remote control

The AP40 PRO can also be controlled easily via remote control.

AP40 Pro
Height: 398 mm 
Width: 255 mm 
Depth: 298 mm 
Weight: 3,6 kg

Air throughput (m3/h) up to 440

Fan speed levels 5 Levels

Noise levels (dB) 16,7 – 61,7

Power consumption (watts) 5 – 75

Sale Price $699.00

AP40 Pro

Data Sheet


AP40 Pro

Operating Manuel