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Dirt Devil Style 1 2 Pack Hand Vacuum Belt

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Dirt Devil


Dirt Devil Style 1 Hand Vacuum Belt


Dirt Devil

Get To Know Us It all started at a backyard garage in Cleveland, Ohio. Phillip A. Geier created one of the world's first vacuum cleaner companies, the P. A. Geier Company in 1905. They crafted metal cleaners by hand for years. As the company grew, so did their operation. They soon launched two divisions. While they loved making vacuums the most, they also had a knack for mixers, hair dryers and washing machines. By the time World War II came around, P.A. Geier rolled up their sleeves to join manufacturing companies across the country switching over to military production. In 1953, P.A. Geier was bought up by the Walter E. Schott Organization. The Schotts renamed the company Royal Appliance Manufacturing. But they weren't absolutely committed and decided to dissolve Royal just as soon as they got it. A group of Royal employees headed by Stan Erbor wanted a shot at the company in 1954. He got it, and the company thrived under his leadership, expanding all phases of operations in 1969. Erbor was active in the company until he passed in 1981 at age 80. Enter Dirt Devil Straight out of 1981, a group of investors saw an opportunity to purchase Royal and to bring some fresh strategy to it. With this new leadership, sales skyrocketed from just under $5 million in 1981 to $408 million in 2000. This original approach included aggressive marketing strategy and distribution into retail chains like Kmart and Wal-Mart. In '84, Royal introduced a groundbreaking new cleaner, the Dirt Devil® Hand Vac. It quickly became a huge hit, selling over 23 million units. This gave Dirt Devil more room to roam the cleaning industry. Today, Royal (now TTI Floor Care North America) manufactures Dirt Devil uprights, quick cleaning hand vacs, stick vacuums, canister vacs, and carpet washers. These products are now sold through major retailers nationwide. TTI Floor Care North America's mission is to be a premier consumer products company. Striving to recognize the needs of customers and supply them with quality products that solve their cleaning problems. Under these philosophies, Dirt Devil continues to build brand loyalty through strong consumer satisfaction.
Dirt Devil

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