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Riccar Brilliance Tandem Air Upright Vacuums

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The Riccar Tandem Air Deluxe model R30D features the revolutionary Tandem Air System with dual motors that work together to deep clean, thick carpet yet gently clean bare floors and area rugs.

Multi-stage filtration includes a HEPA media filter and now a granulated charcoal filter upgraded to trap allergens and odors even better. A self-sealing, charcoal-infused HEPA media bag traps 99.97% of microns 0.3 or larger and makes bag changing simple and clean. H

all sensor technology is built into the Tandem Air Deluxe vacuum and turns off the brush roll when a jam occurs which protects the reinforced belt from breaking. Other durability features include metal parts in high-wear areas; a chrome brushroll with replaceable brush strips metal bottom plate metal cord storage hook aluminum handle tube and metal upright stop ensure long-lasting service.

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