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The three AIRBELT E models are powerful, ultra-quiet, mid-size canister vacuum cleaners with attractive curves and contours that feature three on-board attachments, a large .92-gallon bag, a generous 25-foot cord and 37-foot cleaning radius, protective rubber-coated wheels, a durable telescopic tube with quick-release connections, and a full bag or clog indicator. They also feature excellent filtration, a push-button cord rewinder, and a soft-foam bumper that protects the vacuum, furniture, and walls from scuffs and scratches.

The E series offers two straight-suction models that provide a choice of cleaning heads. The AIRBELT E1 Kombi includes a combination nozzle with retractable bristles for use on rugs and hard floors, while the AIRBELT E2 Turbo includes an air-driven turbo head for rugs and a parquet brush for hard floors. Both models have a suction-control knob located on the canister body.

Large-Capacity Bag

The .92-gallon filter bag is convenient and economical because fewer bag changes are needed and closing its built-in hygiene cap prevents dust from escaping during bag removal and disposal.

3 On-Board Tools

A crevice nozzle, an upholstery nozzle, and a dusting brush are always on-board and ready for use. Also, many optional attachments are available that can be fitted to the telescopic tube or the hose handle.

SEBO Airbelt E3 Premium Canister Vacuum

Patented AirBelt Bumper

The textile-covered, soft-foam bumper protects furniture, walls, and the vacuum itself from incurring scratches and scuffs during use. It also diffuses exhaust air, which contributes to its ultra-quiet performance.

3 Step Filtration

It features a pre-motor filter, a three-layer Aera Pure™ bag, an S-class exhaust microfilter, and a tightly sealed casing.


At just about 9lbs, this vacuum will be easy to take from room to room and up and down stairways. Lightweight and powerful, it covers a wide area to quickly clean floors.

Cleaning Freedom

With 40ft of cord to use, you will have extra freedom to clean where you need. No more worrying about unplugging and replugging as you move from room to room. Easily move around furniture, under furniture, clothing racks, chairs, desks, and to every corner of the room.

Saniseal® Bags

No longer worry about dirt or debris re-entering the air when you change bags. Our Saniseal bags automatically seal before they are removed.

Endurolife Belt

Our Endurolife Belt lasts longer with advanced circuitry that shuts off the motor to avoid belt breakage.

Carrying Handle

Our convenient carrying handle makes transportation from room to room and up stairways easier and faster.

Multi-Floor Cleaning

Superior Light can be used on all floor types including wood, laminate, and tile with no manual height adjustment required.

Pigtail Cord

The 40-foot power cord is connected to the pigtail cord using a cord clamp, allowing you to easily replace a damaged cord without expensive repairs or re-wiring.

Wall Bumpers

With our clear, non-marring wall bumpers proctect and minimize damage on furniture, walls, and baseboards.

High-Capacity Bags

With our High-Capacity bags get more suction power with the 630 cubic inch top fill inner bag, and aviod having to replace as often.

Deep Cleaning Rollerbrush

With speeds of 5,000 to 6,500 RPMS, the high- speed rollerbrush deep cleans into your carpet to remove embedded dirt and debris.


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