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SEBO 9501AM Automatic X4 Upright Vacuum, Black - Corded

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Designed and Manufactured in Germany – Legendary quality, reliability and performance make SEBO vacuums the first choice of cleaning professionals throughout the world.

Excellent for Users With Allergies or Asthma – The British Allergy Foundation recommends SEBO filters.

Tightly Sealed Vacuums Ensure Effective Filtration – Dirty air, which flows through a vacuum, can only be filtered completely if it does not escape into the room through seams or seals in the machine. This is why all SEBO vacuums have tight seals throughout. Many vacuum companies with high-filtration claims are actually quoting specifications made by the manufacturer of the filter material, as measured in the laboratory, not the filtration effectiveness of the vacuum itself while operating. Whether or not dirty air can escape through leaks in the body of the machine is not considered. The filtration effectiveness of SEBO vacuums is tested while they operate.

Save Money! SEBO Vacuums Last for Years and Extend Carpet Life! – If properly maintained, SEBO vacuums save ordinary residential users hundreds of dollars by providing excellent performance for ten to fifteen years or more, and their deep-cleaning power-brush technology extends the life of carpets. Typical vacuums perform poorly, even when new, and usually do not last beyond two years. So six or seven “disposable vacuums” must be purchased during the average life expectancy of just one SEBO machine.

Five-year Warranty Coverage – All SEBO models include a five-year warranty on the motor and all non-wear parts and a five-year warranty on labor charges.

Cord Rewind
Nozzle Width
Filter Type
S-Class HEPA Filtration
7 Year
Roller Brush Type
Unit Type
Upright Vacuum
Bag Capacity
1.4 gal.
Suction Motor Protection
Airflow (motor rating)
103.8 CFM
Suction Motor
1300 Watts
Belt Guarantee
Bare Floor Cleaning
Hose Length
6 ft.

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