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Vacuum Cleaner Supplies

Southside Vacuum takes pride in offering a wide variety of vacuum supplies for all major vacuum companies, including brands like Hoover. With a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of customers in Stanislaus County, Southside Vacuum ensures that homeowners can find the specific vacuum supplies they require, regardless of the brand they own. Whether it’s filters, bags, belts, attachments, or any other accessory needed to maintain the optimal performance of your vacuum, Southside Vacuum has it covered. Their extensive inventory of vacuum supplies ensures that customers can easily find the right products to keep their cleaning equipment in top shape. By providing a comprehensive selection of supplies.

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Riccar Vibrance Charcoal Secondary Filter
$1.99 Sales Tax
Bissell Multi-Clean Post Motor Filter
$11.99 Sales Tax
Kirby Avalir Shampoo Brush
$37.95 Sales Tax
Simplicity Spiffy Filter Set
$19.99 Sales Tax
Bissell Big Green Brush Belt
$4.95 Sales Tax
Bissell HydraSteam Cog Brush Belt
$4.95 Sales Tax
Shark ION Flex Complete Filter Set
$13.95 Sales Tax
Cirrus CR69 / CR79 Final Filter
$2.49 Sales Tax
Shark Navigator Zero-M Pre-Motor Filter
$6.95 Sales Tax
Shark Swivel Pro Pre-Filter
$6.95 Sales Tax
Shark Swivel Pro HEPA Filter
$18.95 Sales Tax
Simplicity S65 Cordless Filter Assembly
$12.99 Sales Tax
Simplicity Symmetry Premium Filter Set
$7.99 Sales Tax
Simplicity Symmetry Pre-Motor Filter
$2.99 Sales Tax
Simplicity Sport Vac Secondary Filter
$1.99 Sales Tax
Bissell Multi-Clean HEPA Filter
$13.99 Sales Tax
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