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The best way to keep a vacuum working is to get it cleaned & serviced, and it will save you money and make your vacuum last longer. We service All make and models including carpet cleaners The Service fee is generally $69.95 for most Brand with a few exceptions Rainbow,Patriot,Kirby,Riccar,Simplicity Which are $89.95.

Do We Unclog Vacuums?

Sometimes the only thing wrong is that your vacuum is clogged we can help the general fee is. $37.50.

What Brands Do We Service?

We repair all major brands of vacuum cleaners & carpet cleaner the only unit we do not currently repair are robotic vacuum yet.

What is covered in a Cleaning?

We will replace the Vacuum belt, but parts & Filters are generally extra.

What is Done in a Service

When a vacuum comes in for servicing. We will fully disassemble the vacuum down to the motor we grease the motor bearings this will extend the life of your vacuum.

Belt Installation

We Install Vacuum Belts the charge is $17.50 plus the belt.