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How Long Should My Belt Last ?

Most Standard Belts last up to 90 days where cog belts with teath & serpentine belts like the kind on some cars witch can last for extended time some vacuums use belts known as ribbon belts witch also last longer than the average stretch belt.

How Often Shuold I Replace Bags

The average person will replace a bag once a month but a bag may need to be replaced sooner if you pick up sheet rock or something that clogs the poors of your bags.

How Often Should I Replace My Filters

A Vacuum cleaners filters need to be cleaned at least once a month and replaced once a year You should avoid using carpet powders as they clog vacuum filter really quick and cause damage to motors.

How Often Should I Vacuum ?

A House should be vacuumed regularly once a week a soner if you have pets should be done twice a week as it will leave your house cleaner and your vacuum won’t work as hard to clean..