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Rogers Air Fragrances

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Rogers Air Fragrances

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Our unique blend of superior grade oils and other quality ingredients delivers a Pleasant, Long-Lingering Accent. For use on Home, Office, Pet Area, Doctor’s Office, Veterinary Clinic, Autos and RV filters, etc.

Fragrance accents for vacuum cleaners

By using fragrance accents while vacuuming, you can freshen the air around you that often steers up unwanted smells. Vacuums can be very handy for cleaning carpets, rugs, and other surfaces that are otherwise very difficult to deal with. Often the use of a vacuum cleaner leaves a bad odor as it lifts up smells absorbed in carpet and rug fibers.

Better alternative from aerosol fragrance accents

Spray based fragrance accents can be easy to use but their application is usually not well spread; leaving a scent that is intense in some spots and barely noticeable in others. In addition to poor coverage, spray based fragrance scents can leave spray build-up and even stain fabrics as it settles and covers anything in its way. Spray applicators are designed to exert a fine mist; however that’s hardly ever the case. Most of the time, spray fragrances, have a rather thick spray-out that can have negative effects.

Our Refresher liquid accents can be sprayed directly on vacuum cleaner bags and filters. As the vacuum sucks up air and filters it back out, our accents blend in the air and leave a long lasting and widely spread aroma. Refresher Liquid Accents blend in the surrounding air so finely that it leaves no residue build-up on sofas, tables, and other furniture in the room.

Mix our floral scents in water filtered vacuums

Our selection of floral accents are ideal for use in water filtration based vacuums, like the popular Rainbow systems and many more. Water based vacuums are starting to become more popular due to people’s awareness of how much more effective their filtration system is, compared to other conventional vacuums. Refresher Liquid Accents are UNIQUE blends of floral accents that can freshen up your space while vacuuming.

Simply add one of our floral accents in the filtration water and vacuum as usual. As your vacuum sucks up dirt, dust, and other debris it also takes in a large amount of air. This air passes through the water filtration system and rises to the top, at which point is discharged back into the room, carrying with it a long lasting, lingering floral accent.

Long lasting floral accents

Choose from over fifty different accents and other special long lasting blends by Refresher Liquid Accents. Superior grade oils and an selection of additional ingredients capture the essence of jasmine, passion flower, honey suckle and other popular floral accents. Refresher Accents come in concentrated form and will last you longer.

Clean scents for home and office filters

For a long-lasting lingering accent, spray your air filter with Refresher Liquid Accents. Conventional air fresheners might be convenient for a quick fix, but they leave a spotty sense of aroma from one area to another because of the way they are applied. Additionally, you have to re-spray frequently in order to maintain effectiveness.

Plug-ins might be a more hands free approach for more consistent results throughout long periods, but they are still limited to the immediate area around the applicator. You would have to equip every room with a plug-in to effectively cover your entire space. They also have to be plugged in some where in order to work, and sometimes power outlets are either a rare commodity, or hidden behind furniture. Not to mention the odd looking design decisions they impose on your picture perfect decor!

Long lingering accents for your car

Refresher Liquid Accents are ideal to spray directly onto automotive air filters, for a better balanced and longer lasting accent! If using unattractive clip-on fresheners in the interior of your car isn’t ideal, our concentrated liquid accents can give you a non-intrusive solution so you can keep your car looking clean and smelling clean and fresh.

Better Experience!

It’s commonly known that clip-on solutions and hanging air scents can sometimes be irritants due to how close they are positioned to the passengers. By spraying the air filter, everyone in the car can enjoy a less intense, longer lasting and better balanced accent. With over 50 superior grade oil blends you are sure to find a liquid accent that is right for you!


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